How To Update Roku Device?

Update Roku

How to Update Roku? Roku streaming device has been launching its newer version with customization features and new settings over the years.

All the existing non-useful features are eliminated and new advanced feature versions have been introduced.

Update Roku periodically and apply the updates, you can enjoy the latest functionalities and features.

Maybe, in future Roku will automatically check for updates.

And will start download in the background, it will make changes by own.

Why Update Roku Are Necessary?

By updating the latest software will enable newly added changes with the pre-existing features.

Update Roku Device

Updating your Roku device is quite easy. Roku gets automatically updated when turned on.

And if you want you can also update the software manually.

Some error occurs when Roku device in unplugged for a longer time.

So be sure to check Software update manually.

How To Update Roku Device Manually?

Here is a complete guideline that will help you update the Roku device manually.

#1: On your Roku remote control, press the button ‘Home.’

#2: Scroll to the option ‘Settings’ by using the arrow buttons. and then select it by pressing the right arrow.

#3: Now scroll to the option ‘System’ and click it.

#4: Then scroll to the option ‘System update’ and choose it.

#5: To manually check and install software updates, select the option ‘Check now.’

If any latest Roku Update available or is waiting, your Roku device will download and install the updates.

And then the system will get rebooted if required.

And sometimes after Update Roku, you are facing some error on the screen like Roku Error Code 001, Error Code 009 Roku, Roku Error Code 018, etc.

To resolve that error you need to check your internet connection and again restart your Roku TV.

If unable to do Roku Update then dial Customer Service for Roku at US/Canada Toll-Free: +1 844-756-1728.

Latest Roku Update Version

The Roku streaming device company is improving your streaming experience with the latest version of Roku 0S 9.1.

The newer updated software is now available on selected Roku streaming players.

However, in the coming weeks, it is expected to be available on all device players.

With the latest Roku update, you can enjoy the following amazing features.

1. Voice Enhancement

The latest update offers you more entertainment.

When you make a voice search on the Roku for TV shows and movies, the playback will begin instead of showing the search results.

Even those accessible on Premium 25+ subscriptions too.

The playback will occur instantly once you make a voice command

That indicating the specific channel name or commanding your favorite TV shows and movies.

2. Updated Roku Search

The collection of TV shows and movies has resulted in the search of popular categories like ‘action’ or ‘comedy’ by just using a voice or text search.

This categorizing will help you to find on-demand, free, 4K, subscription, and other content.

3. Guest Mode

The new guest mode, also known as Auto sign out mode makes it convenient for the visiting guests.

They subscribe or sign in to the subscribed channels using the credential account.

With the latest Roku OS 9.1, you can disable or enable the new features from the device.

Such as section ‘My linked devices’ for particular Roku devices on on your ‘My Account.’

Roku Customer Service

4. My Offers

There is a new item ‘My offer’ on its navigation menu if special discounts or offers are available.

This even includes the purchasing a Roku product with just a remote click.

My offers won’t appear on the Roku home screen when no offer is available.

5. Account Automatic Link

You don’t need to enter credentials again when reactivating your Roku device.

When you are logged into a subscription service already on a Roku TV or Roku player.

Almost 10 subscription services such as Sling TV and Pandora has this Automatic Account Link feature with additional services as well.

Now you don’t have to enter your account information again and again.

when switching between different Roku streaming devices to watch the subscription channels.

Recently, Roku has also welcomed Apple TV to lineup its subscription channels.

6. Roku TV Models With Automatic Volume Leveling

The latest update of Roku OS 9.1 has introduced a new feature of Automatic volume leveling to roll out on Roku TV devices.

This feature allows users to enjoy a uniform level of audio for every type of content.

With the volume setting mode, you can turn off or on.

Roku Customer Service Help

Update Roku with the latest version with all the advanced features of this streaming player.

But sometimes you may face trouble in updating your Roku device.

In such cases, dial customer service number Roku and professionals will guide you and help you in updating the latest version.

You can come in contact with Roku Customer Service Phone Number at US/Canada Toll-Free: +1 844-756-1728.

We are available 24/7 for your help, so feel free to call or start a chat with one of our expert’s techies.

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