Stepwise Guide to Resolve “Roku Error Code 009”

The Roku Error Code 009 is a device message from the Roku machine. The code denotes that the Roku device has established the connection with a router but is unable to connect with the Wi-Fi or the Internet. The device cannot recognize the wireless signal of the network and it displays the Roku Error Code […]

Roku Error Code 018: Troubleshooting Steps

Roku Error Code 018 displays when the Roku device faces a reduced speed of the internet. Such an error takes place in case of a weak connection to the network or the Internet. Hence, one has to remove Error Code 018 on Roku to enjoy the show. Several troubleshooting tips are available to re-correct the […]

Roku Error Code 001

The Roku Error Code 001 is an activation error that occurs on the Roku device. The issue arises when the connection between a Roku account and a streaming player takes place. The server denies the Roku activation code either because of an incorrect code or due to a server issue. The error code arises due […]