How to Troubleshoot Error Code 18 on Roku?

What is Error Code 18 on Roku? Error Code 18 on Roku appears when there are lost or slow internet connectivity issues. If you are a new Roku user and you face Roku Error Code 018, then nothing to worry! Almost every Roku user has experienced this problem. If your Roku device possesses an Ethernet […]

How To Update Roku Device?

How to Update Roku? Roku streaming device has been launching its newer version with customization features and new settings over the years. All the existing non-useful features are eliminated and new advanced feature versions have been introduced. Update Roku periodically and apply the updates, you can enjoy the latest functionalities and features. Maybe, in future […]

Roku Won’t Connect To Wi-Fi

To stream your favorite videos and TV shows on more than 5000 streaming channels, you first need to Setup Roku device. Before setting up your device, you need to connect it to the internet and sometimes after connecting Roku Won’t Connect To Wi-Fi error occurs. Roku TVs and boxes have made it convenient for you […]