How To Enter Roku Activation Code To Activate Roku?

Activate Roku

For those of you who don’t know about Roku, it’s a digital media player and streaming device providers. After Activate Roku you can play a variety of high-quality entertainment videos like TV Shows, movies, music, etc.

ROKU device is partnered with a variety of other famous media service providers like HBO Go, Spotify, MLB, Hulu Plus, Netflix, Amazon Video, etc.

To enjoy these entertainments, you have to purchase a Roku device for yourself. After purchasing it from the providers, you have to activate Roku, for one time to use it.

For those of you, who have purchased the devices, it’s time to provide your information to get the account registration. To make your account registration successful, you have to link it to your Roku device with the account you registered.

The account you will activate has the information of your device, your customized settings, the channels you prefer to install, etc.

Before learning anything about connecting your Roku device with your account, it’s better to first learn about creating your account.

Create a Roku.Com/Link Account to Activate Roku:

  • For Roku Activation the first steps start with opening the official homepage of the Roku Website. There you will see “Create Account” Button, Click on the button to get access for the signup procedure.
  • To create your account, you have to enter your proper name, email, password, tick-mark the necessary options below, and continue.
  • The next option will be “Choose your PIN Preferences”. Select the option that’s best for you and continue.
  • If you want to continue with a PIN, then it will provide you a suggested PIN, or you can also add your own as well.
  • The reason for adding the PIN is to make your premium subscriptions safe for yourself. Adding the PIN will not allow another unauthorized person to subscribe to any premium TV shows, Movies, etc.
  • The last step is to set-up your Payment details. It will show you PayPal/Credit or debit card option.
  • Select the one from which you can pay, and save. Although, there are numbers of free channel subscriptions available in ROKU.

Get expert’s help for Roku Activation or Roku Com/Link Create Account instantly, just pick your phone and dial Roku Customer Service at US/Canada Toll-Free: +1 844-756-1728.

  • Somehow, you can also purchase the premiums by setting-up your payment gateway.
  • If you want to use your account on Mobile, then there is a ROKU application, which you can install from the Play Store or iTunes store based on the mobile you use.
  • The reason for installing the application will allow you to use it as a ROKU remote or you can also privately watch or listen to music and movies on your mobile as well.

After creating your Roku account by following the above steps, you are all clear to go for the next step to get Roku Activation Code.

Steps To Get Roku Activation Code:

  • Use your desired browser to open the official website of Roku.
  • When you open the website on the web browser, meanwhile connect your ROKU device with TV, and turn on both of the devices. You will see a ROKU Code Pops up at your TV Screen.
  • Congratulations, you have completed the process of finding your Roku activation code.

Now, you have done both of the above steps, it’s the time to activate your Roku activation code with the

Activate Roku.Com/Link Through Roku Activation Code:

  • In this step, you have to link your Roku player with your registered account. Complete the linking between device and user account.
  • Then Roku account itself tries to detect your Roku device information. Once your device found, you can easily add paid/free channels to your Roku channel store.
  • In the second step, you have to put your Roku activation code on your TV dashboard where you will see some instructions like activation.
  • All you need is to open the, enter the given code, and follow the instructions.
  • When you perform all of the steps, it will show you a welcome message on your screen to confirm your set up successfully.

Most of the time, people face errors on their Roku activation code. If this happened to you, what will be the solution?

If you don’t want to solve it by yourself, you can call the ROKU experts at +1 844-756-1728 available whole day long to help you Activate Roku or Roku Com/Link Setup efficiently.

The second solution is to solve it by yourself, and for that, you have to follow the steps below.

Solve Roku Activation Code Not Working Issues:

  • To solve this issue, you have to turn off the ROKU device and TV for some time and restart them.
  • After restarting your device, Enter the same code that wasn’t working, and click on the submit button.
  • If you want to confirm whether it’s connected or not, open the, click on the linked devices as there should be an option with the same name “linked devices” must need to be open.
  • Now just check your Roku Media Streaming player.
  • If you will not see any device serial number on the screen, don’t panic and wait for some time. Because it requires a few minutes to update the code, you provided.
  • Once the code will update, you will see a serial number on the screen.

Essential Questions to Know About Roku Device:

  • After Roku activation, it will show you a lot of free accessible channels.
  • Roku doesn’t require an internet connection for local channels. However, you have to connect with the internet to set up the account with the link.
  • In addition, the internet connection is mandatory for paid channels. Besides that, whenever a new software update comes in Roku, you must need an internet connection for that too.

Note: Roku devices are one of the affordable media player and streaming devices that you can easily set up in your room to enjoy HD online content.

In case unable to Activate Roku correctly then just dial Customer Service Number Roku at US/Canada Toll-Free: +1 844-756-1728 & get instant help from Streaming Guides experts anytime.

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