Connected But Roku Not Working (Fix)

Roku Not Working

Some of the Roku users may be facing Roku Connectivity errors on Roku device, and your device connected but Roku Not Working.

There may be several reasons behind this problem, like Roku Not Connected to Wi-Fi and slow internet signals on your Roku device.

If you are going through an issue, connected but Roku not working, and then follow the given Roku troubleshooting steps.

Roku Not Working: Troubleshooting and Setup

Location of Your Router

Sometimes changing the placement of your router can solve connected but Roku not working issues.

Adjusting the placement of the router can make a huge difference in your router’s performance.

Try keeping your router at the central or middle position of your home.

By doing so, Wi-Fi signals are equally distributed, and you will get good internet access.

Roku Player Placement

The second troubleshooting tip that can help your problem Roku connected but not working is changing the placement of your Roku player, straight away.

What If Roku Not Working or Cannot Connect To Your Home Network?

If your Roku device is unable to connect to your home network, then try changing the direction of your Roku device.

Changing the placement, even a few inches in direction can solve your problem.

If you have Roku 3 player then, in this case, it is best to connect your device with your router using Ethernet cable.

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You can resolve this issue by updating the driver and firmware of your router from time to time.

Keeping your router updated will stabilize your Roku player performance.

Roku Connected To Wi-Fi But Not Working After The Connection

Check Speed

For flawless working of your Roku device, internet speed is an essential factor.

Sometimes your Roku won’t connect to wifi because of the bad internet connection or have to Connect Roku to WiFi again.

Different internet connection speeds required for different streaming channels.

Fast internet connectivity and speed will bring out a better quality of the video.

According to Roku support, a minimum of 3mbps to 9 Mbps speed is required for watching HD content.

Limitation Of Different Devices

If the internet is working on multiple devices that time you face Roku Error Code 009 or Roku Error Code 018.

As if your kid is playing Xbox, you are streaming a movie while internet browsing on your laptop and your friend watches a video in the corner of your home.

A message of “Loading, please wait” will pop up on your screen.

How To Fix Your Roku Device That Won’t Connect To The Internet?

If a heavy internet usage is at your home at the same time them, you may face an issue of Roku won’t connect to local network.

It eliminates the shared bandwidth. In this case, you can monopolize the width in a limited number of devices.

Wireless Channel Changing

In a compact residential area, other wireless networks are available around you, which cause interference.

Roku Customer Service

You should stay on different separate channels to avoid noise and any interference on your wireless network.

How To Fix Roku Not Connected To Wi-Fi Or Roku Not Working?

In the user manual, the details of changing the setting of wireless channels are present for your router.

Going to the settings, you can change it. You can also resolve the issue by updating the firmware of your wireless router.

Check your router’s manufacturer to verify whether the latest version of firmware installed.

It will resolve the problem of Roku connected but not working.

How To Fix Roku Not Connected To Local Network?

You can track your network traffic via QoS. It lets you take priority of critical traffic over non-critical traffic.

VOIP traffic is its typical example. For more details regarding disabling your QoS settings, you can check your router’s manual.

How Can You Resolve The Connectivity Issues?

You should keep in mind a few facts if you want to resolve your issue of Roku connected but not working.

  • Make sure you enter the correct name of your wireless network.
  • If you select an eroded wireless network name, then you will fail to make your wireless network connection.
  • However, if you are not sure, whether you’re Roku connected to the right network, get help to find your exact wireless network name.
  • Ensure that you enter the right password.
  • If you are sure that you have your wireless network password and it is still not working, then try re-entering your network password.
  • Entering a wrong password is a common mistake that anyone can make.
  • If your password is in CAPS, then press the shift button for capital letter writing.
  • However, if you still don’t know the proper password, follow the given suggestions.
  1. Enter a similar wireless network password that you used to connect your home network with your mobile device or computer.
  2. If you forget or don’t know the password, you can visit your ISP support site or support.
  3. They will help you in restoring the password.

Another reason for Roku connected but not working.

  • For this, check your router, whether it is working correctly or not.
  • You can check this by connecting your home network to other devices like mobile or laptop.
  • Now, access the internet by introducing any website. If the website opens, then your router is working successfully.
  • If not, try restarting your router before contacting ISP.
  • And if you’re other devices connected but still Roku not working then the problem is with the wireless signal strength.
  • For stable and convenient operating, recover your router’s wireless signal strength.
  • The signals get weaker if hurdles like cabinets and walls are between your Roku device and router.
  • Try removing the obstacles to get good signal strength.
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