Netflix Not Working on Roku? Worry Less, We Got Your Back!

Netflix Not Working on Roku

Roku TV is a leading digital streaming device. It serves customers with the latest entertainment applications on one platform. With a stable internet connection, one can enjoy undisrupted entertainment via major streaming applications. With a Roku player entertainment is at your fingertips. Enjoying high-quality videos, movies or TV shows becomes your daily habit. But wait! Is your Netflix not working on Roku? Sometimes, due to some of the other setup problems you are likely to come across error messages. If you are facing ‘Netflix Error UI-200’, it means the device is unable to connect to Netflix. No panic, we are here to help you out!

Let’s Get Started

For the sake of privacy and also to manage your credentials, users need to create a Roku Com/Link Account, Roku Com/Link Create Account on the Roku website. With that, you can easily proceed to the next steps of streaming all your favorite entertainment shows. Once you are in your account you can easily navigate from the main home screen and select Netflix. Unfortunately, sometimes things are not this straight forward.

When Netflix doesn’t work, you might wonder whether your device supports Netflix at all! Well, you don’t need to worry about that, Roku TV does support Netflix. Perhaps it is due to a small connectivity glitch if it’s not working on your device. Often you may face other error codes other than the one mentioned above. Irrespective of the error code you meet with, at that point the code indicates ‘Netflix not working on Roku’.

Roku Support Number

Probable Reasons for the Trouble

You can rest assured that it is not a major technical or connectivity glitch. Users who discover Netflix not working on Roku TV, after a petty consultation they can fix the issue on their own. But if you find it difficult, feel free to get in touch with our expert consultants at 1- 844-756-1728. Check out these probable reasons for the issue.

Weak Internet Connectivity

To enjoy seamless entertainment through Netflix, Roku TV requires strong internet connectivity. Hence, the user should have high-speed wi-fi or mobile data depending on the device. Network problems are the most common of all. The device may have lost a network connection. Check the router and consider switching to a wired connection instead of a wireless one.

Needs an Update

If internet connectivity is not a problem, check for this second reason. Sometimes, all your device needs is an update. Each time you start the device, it automatically checks for any update. However, missing out on an update occasionally is nothing new. From the settings menu check for any updates, if available. Go for it!

Check Your Netflix Account

The subscription of your Netflix account could also be the problem. Review your Netflix account. If you are unable to stream movies or TV shows, you likely need to renew your subscription.

Does the problem still persist despite checking out the above-mentioned points? We suggest you get in touch with our experts at the Roku customer service phone number. They can guide you with further assistance to solve your problem.

Roku Account Saves your Preferred Channels

The Roku account saves all your credentials. Starting from your installed channels to the other connected Roku devices. Once you sign in to your account, you will find all of them. But, if you find Netflix not working on Roku among the installed channels, you need to install it again. It is extremely vital to have a secure email id associated with your Roku account. It updates you with any new notification each time.

Roku Support Number

Troubleshooting Methods

Users often try their hand first before calling out for an expert. However, due to lack of knowledge screwing things up doesn’t make sense. If you wish to try out your hand to fix this issue, do so in a systematic manner. Here are some troubleshooting methods that will guide you right!

Netflix not working on Roku? Restart the device

Sometimes things start to work magically with one simple restart. Try your luck in this and see whether this magic works for your device too. If not, no worries, we have other methods here.

  • Keep the device unplugged for at least 10 seconds.
  • Plugin and start the device with the power button.
  • Wait for a minute and proceed with Netflix again.

Try Netflix again

Your Netflix account may be signed out. In that case, sign in again and start with the streaming. If not, try signing out from the account and sign in again.

Get a Strong Internet

Finally, if you are confirmed that the root cause of the problem is weak internet, opt for a network with a strong internet connection. Hopefully, it will sort out the problem.

If you require further assistance, get in touch with our experts through customer service number Roku.

Adding Channels to Roku Streaming Device

The Roku Smart TV has access to the Roku Channel Store. You can download and install the channels you require. There are several free channels while some of them come with paid subscriptions. You are required to install Netflix in the Roku device from this store. Once the download is complete the installation process starts. This process is not difficult as it’s quite similar to downloading and installing apps from the play store or app store.

Once installed the Roku device will automatically add it to the list of channels under the Home option on the main screen. Don’t get tense if you still find Netflix not working on Roku. Scroll down as it is the default location for any downloads. You can always customize it and send it to the top.

Roku Support Number

Major Errors

You can seldom face major errors. Such errors require specialized hands. The majority of the issues are Roku Connectivity Errors related. If the preliminary ways of dealing with the issue do not support it, you probably need expert advice.

For any kind of Roku device-related problems Roku Activation, Roku Com/Link Setup, Roku Remote is Not Working, etc; we have already got your back.

Get in touch with us at Roku Customer Service Phone Number +1 844-756-1728 Toll-Free. For expert guidance share your problems so that our experts can help in the best possible ways.

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