Privacy Policy

Prior to availing our services, do scan our privacy policy fastidiously. Streaming Guides could be an obsessive company that protects the privacy of every individual regarding North American country. it isn’t regarding that’s it our consumer or worker, securing personal knowledge is crucial for everybody . we tend to assure to safeguard all the private knowledge that you simply simply simply created accessible to North American country.

We can revise or update this of our privacy policy is any of the changes ar required.

When you visit Streaming Guides all the knowledge like IP addresses, trend navigation on web site , total frolicked, code used, and thus the opposite info get saved on our server. This info solely get used internally for the analysis of traffic on web site .

If you enter any personal info like your name, email address, or communicating address, therefore it’ll get used for reinforcing our services. we’ll ne’er publicize, sold-out or disclose it to anyone or anyplace.


You are needed to supply North American country with bound specific info before registration. This includes your name, status, e-mail address and a few of various personal details.

The reason behind this data assortment is to develop strong force . we tend to use your provided info to stay in-tuned with you, and to temporary and update you regarding the continued services and comes.

For the sake of study and proper net analysis we tend to wish thereforeme details regarding your personal profile so we tend to use your given info to hold constructive analysis to later improve the lacking areas.

According to the case, if there’s needing, we’ll conjointly share your info with some third party United Nations agency is somehow involved North American country. however we tend to assure to ne’er leak your personal knowledge to strangers. Your knowledge is safe and secured with North American country.


Your personal details and make contact with info ar extremely secured and safe with North American country. we tend to ne’er offer outsiders in conjunction with your personal knowledge, we tend to even not share your knowledge with our partners. Your privacy is our foremost obligation. we tend to ne’er sell your knowledge for private favors. As mentioned earlier, it stay simply between North American country and shared with a 3rd party if necessary.

We’ve mere some members of our workers to manage and lookout of your privacy.

We grant you with complete right to refuse North American country from providing your knowledge. However, you’ll be empty some connected advantages however the responsibility won’t air our shoulders. it’ll be your alternative.


We’ve connected another websites on our website too. However, we tend to don’t take the responsibility of any act performed by them. Their privacy policy isn’t approved or assured by North American country. If you visit their web site we tend to advocate you to keenly scan their privacy policy before sharing your personal info. Any mishap or unethical act performed by them isn’t our responsibility. We’re not answerable thereto.


We guarantee the preservation of your personal info however we tend to secure our right to share it with legal authorities if demanded. we’ll conjointly North American countrye it to defend the allegations filed against us.


To keep the session active and alive we’ve sort of your knowledge keep it up our web site . this data helps North American country to recollect you and your preferences.

Adserver Google act as our third party. we tend to utilize this cookie knowledge to know regarding your interests and thus the sites you visit ofttimes. Knowing this helps North American country to supply you with the content you’ll have an interest in.


As the time passes by, changes occur within the encircling world. selling world is experiencing nice changes with each passing day. keep with the case and to stay dominant within the gang we’d wish to revise our privacy policy generally. therefore it’s an honest habit to scan the privacy policy ofttimes. we tend to on our behalf, plan to apprize you if we tend to created any necessary amendment within the policy and ar involved to you.

We contemplate your privacy equally necessary as we tend to contemplate ours. the safety of your personal knowledge is our prime responsibility. once you get connected with our community, we tend to need all potential steps to secure the knowledge you share with North American country. Building relations on trust and transparency is our sole aim. Our privacy policy contains of subsequent factors.