Stepwise Guide to Resolve “Roku Error Code 009”

Roku Error Code 009

The Roku Error Code 009 is a device message from the Roku machine. The code denotes that the Roku device has established the connection with a router but is unable to connect with the Wi-Fi or the Internet.

The device cannot recognize the wireless signal of the network and it displays the Roku Error Code 009 or the message “Not connected to the internet” and “Unable to connect to wireless network”.

To Fix Roku Error Code 009, follow below steps:

Setting up of a Roku device

The first thing to do on setting up the Roku device is to connect it to the Internet or Wi-Fi. The connection procedure is as simple as it gets.

The Roku device connects with Alexa devices, PCs and mobile devices. The network name of the Internet or the Wireless network should display on the device screen.

Choosing the correct option

Following certain steps, to setup the Roku device is necessary that is also necessary to connect the Roku with an Ethernet port.

1) Enter the case-sensitive password.

2) Observe that establishment of the wireless connectivity.

3) The “Successful connection” message will show on the screen.

In case the above-mentioned solution fails to work, then there is a technical problem with the device. In that case, you can dial Roku Customer Service Phone Number @+1 844-756-1728.

Hence, referring to the Internet Service Provider for a Roku Error Code 009 Fix should suit best.

Above solution fails to work then don’t worry just dial Customer Service for Roku at US/Canada Toll-Free: +1 844-756-1728, our experts fix Error Code 009 Roku as soon as you call

Additional Functions

The checking of internet connection or fixating connectivity problems by following some verification steps will follow.

Verifying Connections

In order to resolve the issue of the Roku Error Code 009, begin with advance connection checking when establishing the connection between the Roku device and the Wi-Fi or the Internet.

  1. Keep a check on the Internet connection by clicking on the menu “Settings” and then refer to “Network”.
  2. Click on “Check Connection” available under the “Network” setting.
  3. Then a 2-step test needs to be performed.
  4. Have a look at the quality of the signal and the connectivity of the network.
  5. Examine whether there is internet connectivity and note the connection speed of the Internet.
  6. When the signal quality of the Wireless is extremely poor, please refer to the instruction displayed on the screen.

Roku Customer Service

During the Verification of the Connection

  1. During connection verification, Roku will make efforts to establish a connection with the wired or Wi-Fi network.
  2. If the connection is established, then Roku will try to make a connection with the Internet.
  3. A Green check will show for the individual connections that are successful. In case, there is no connection for some reason; a red ‘x’ will show on the screen.
  4. If there appears a green check on both connections, it will indicate a successful connection of the Roku device with the internet and the network.
  5. Verify the connection strength and the results of the test will show.
  6. The message “Connection check was successful” will verify the end of the connection check.
  7. The message will display after both the connection tests run correctly.
  8. An error code will display on the message as will its approval recommendation.

The Final Step to fix Roku Error Code 009:

Finally, begin the review of the connection verifications through “Settings”, “Network” and “About”. The “signal strength” displayed in here must be either “Excellent” or at the least, “Good”.

The speed of the Internet must show good, however; if there is poor signal strength, then verify the slow internet speed or, measure the power of the wireless signal.

The Error Code 009 Roku is the error code from a Roku device which indicates a lack of connection in the Wi-Fi or, over the Internet.

But, it does indicate the connection of the router with the Roku device. Remember to get in touch with the ISP when there is no connection.

When the computer has an internet connection, but the Roku Error 009 still appears then, asking for the assistance of the ISP should be the option. But, if the Roku 009 appears again, then restart the Roku device.

The technical glitch takes place during a streaming channel launch when the TV loses the online connection.

Click on the Set-Up connection available in the network settings of the TV. Then follow the instructions displayed on the screen. Referring to another device, like a tablet or a computer to ensure a functioning Internet Connection might help to deal with the Error Code 009 Roku.

All technological devices, no matter how simple or complicated, face through different technical issues. Proper and reliable solutions might help to fix these problems.

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