Roku Error Code 014: Fix Now!

Roku Error Code 014

Annoy with the software updates like Roku Error Code 014? Roku streaming device used to stream your favorite TV shows, and videos always work on the software’s latest version.

These devices are designed so that if any software updates come such as Error Code 014 on Roku, it automatically checks them and updates them regularly.

However, the Roku device sometimes experiences some errors. Hence Roku users find it irritating as they face trouble in using the device for streaming the channels.

Similarly, this streaming device also encounters Roku Error Code 014, an error that most commonly occurs while the Roku device is in setting up process.

Error code 014 on Roku has further sub-codes too such as Error code 014.11, error code 014.10, error code 014.20, error code 014.40, error code 014.30, error code 014.41, error code 014.62, error code 014.50, and error code 014.64.

Here you will find a complete guideline of this error code and some tips that will help you in fixing this Roku error. You can apply these Roku troubleshooting tips on any of the Roku devices to get rid of Roku error code 014.

Before moving ahead to the solution of this error, you first need to understand what is Roku error code 014? And why the error occurs?

What Is Roku Error Code 014?

Sometimes, your Roku device faces trouble in connecting to the internet network. In this case, Roku error 014 occurs. This error message generally appears when you are setting up your Roku device with your Wi-Fi network.

What Are The Main Reasons Behind Error Code 014 On Roku?

The error code 014 on Roku occurs due to several reasons. Some of them are:

  • Wrong Wi-Fi network password.
  • The router is placed far-flung from your device and TV.
  • Issues with your network settings.

If need technical experts help to resolve Roku Error 014 then feel free to dial Roku Customer Service Phone Number at US/Canada Toll-Free: +1 844-756-1728.

  • Firewall or Antivirus blocks the access of the Roku streaming device to the internet connection.
  • Enabled white list on your Roku device can also be the reason.

Steps Involved In Resolving Roku Error Code 014?

1. Disable Network Pings

  • To disable the network pings, use the Roku remote.
  • Now, open or select the Platform secret screen.
  • Now, you need to push the button ‘Home’ for at least 5 times, then press the button ‘Forward’ and then the ‘Play’ button.
  • Then once again press the forward button, play button, and rewind button consequently.
  • Now, navigate through the menu of platform secret screen and click on the ‘Disable network pings’.
  • It will resolve the error code issues.

2. Software update

  • If not linked, try using another device hooked, such as the Smartphone or any other android device or try connecting to another network.
  • First, you need to verify the Wi-Fi hotspot and then link the user Roku device to that network.
  • You can also try connecting your device with the Ethernet cable as it provides more speed as compared to wireless connectivity.
  • It will resolve your 014 error code or local network error issues.

To Update Any Software, Follow The Given Steps:

If you are facing any Roku update code like Roku Error Code 014, 016, 003, 005 then don’t fret just follow the given steps:

  • For updating the software, you need to open and unlock the ‘Secret screen’ by using the Roku remote.
  • First, press the home key five times, then press the Forward button three times and press the Rewind button two times.
  • You will be able to locate the ‘Update software’ option, Select it.
  • The device gets rebooted before updating automatically.
  • After the software program update, you can even turn off the Network pings setting by disabling the network pings on the menu.

Tips to fix Roku Error 014

Follow the following simple troubleshooting tips to fix the Roku error code 014.

  • Firstly, you need to verify your password and then ensure that you insert the right network password.
  • Don’t place your router more than 20 feet from your TV. If placed far away, then it creates signal issues, and you receive weak signal strength.
  • Now, you need to check network settings carefully. One of the leading causes of error 014 is the poor network setting. You can even re-configure your network settings.
  • If you have enabled the white list on your Roku device, then make sure to disable it.
  • You also need to disable the Antivirus and firewall options.
  • Now, turn off your Router device and wait at least 5 seconds and then again turn it on.

Are you still finding trouble in fixing the error code? Contact customer service Roku!

You will be able to resolve Roku error 014 by following the above troubleshooting tips.

Roku may encounter many errors, and each error occurs due to specific reasons like Roku Error Code 018, Error Code 001 for Roku, Roku Error 009, Roku Won’t Connect to WiFi, Roku Com/Link Setup and more.

So don’t worry; they are the common error that occurs several times and we gave you best Customer Service for Roku ever.

However, if you still find any trouble in fixing the error code even after following the troubleshooting tips, call Roku customer service number.

You might need the help of an Expert Roku technician to resolve the problem. The expert will find the main cause behind the error and will fix the issue for you.

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