How to Fix Roku Error Code 016? Steps and Troubleshooting Tips

Roku Error Code 016

Facing Roku Error Code 016 on-screen? A local network connection error occurs because of Roku connectivity error.

Roku is a smart device that makes your empty TV to the smart gadget. This device allows you to stream numbers of channels and videos. However, for this purpose, you need an internet connection.

Roku connected to the internet via Wi-Fi or Ethernet. However, it is not common to see the connection problem while using the Roku device.

You can face the error code either on the screen or on the troubleshooting problem. Among the number of Roku error codes, this article will help you know about the Roku error code 016 and how to resolve this error easily?

What is Roku Error Code 016? 

You will see the error code 016 on your TV screen due to the troubleshooting internet connection.

Commonly, this happens while you stream or launch a channel through your Roku device. Due to this error, the steaming and launching process will be stopped.

To enjoy the unlimited channels on your TV via the Roku device, you need to resolve this error.

What Are The Reasons Behind Error Code 016 Roku? 

Firstly, you need to understand the causes of this error, which help you to resolve this problem. Remember that connectivity is the basic means for your device and TV to perform accurately, what you desire.

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So, Check These Signs For The Roku Error Code 016: 

  • The basic reason for the error code 016 is the incorrect password and user name. Check the name of your internet device before choosing the network.
  • For the password, it is a little tricky because some characters can be capital and some are in small. Enable the option to see the password to know, you are typing either accurately or not.
  • The second and most frequent reasons for this error are the weak signals. It is a possibility that your Roku device placed far from the internet router.
  • This can weaken the signals and you will lose it frequently while using the device.
  • Thirdly, the resolution of the channel can be a reason. For example, you are streaming the high-resolution video or channel, which requires more weight.
  • On the other side, your internet connection is not strong enough to stream this channel. Thus, you will face Roku error 016 due to this reason.
  • Besides all of the above reasons, the first time connectivity can be a problem. Most of the first time users face difficulty with the internet connection.
  • If this is a reason, you will get through it with some learning of your new Roku device.

How To Fix Roku Error Code 016? 

Now you understand the core of the problem. It is time to resolve this problem with the help of these steps:

  • Go to the main menu of your Roku setting. Click on the “Set up Connection” option. You will find a couple of setting instructions there. Follow them and check the connectivity once again.
  • Recheck the name of the internet as well as password; you have entered during the setting up your connection.
  • You have to enter the user name and password the same as you registered with your Roku device and internet service provider.
  • Overcome the obstacles, which weaken your internet strength. For this purpose, try to place the router of your internet device near the Roku device.
  • Remember that the farther distance between the internet router and Roku device prevents you to stream high-resolution channels.
  • It is important to know the performance of your network as well. Sometimes, there was some error from the internet service provider instead of the device. Check the other devices connected to your Wi-Fi to know the accuracy of its performance.
  • If nothing works, you can reboot your system as the last revolve. For this purpose, go to the setting of Roku and select the option of the system.
  • You will find the option of resetting your device. It renews your device, which helps you to have a better internet connection.

Is There Some Additional Information To Resolve Error Code 016 Of Roku? 

Besides the above-mentioned points, you should know the following aspects while resolving Roku error code 016:

  • You can also resolve your network error while plugging and unplugging your device. Unplug it for 15 seconds and plug it again to check your network connection.
  • You can also connect your cable or wired network to the Ethernet port available on the Roku device directly. This will resolve the distance or weak signal problem.
  • Besides this, you may also have a problem to find the option of “Check connection”. It happens, when your network not connected to the Roku device properly. To resolve this problem, the setting up of the Roku device is required to see this option.

Final Thought

The error of internet connectivity is one of the most common errors, you will face while using the Roku device. The above steps will help you resolve Error Code 016 Roku.

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