Terms & Condition

These terms and conditions ar applicable for all the services provided by Streaming Guides .


For any of your work to induce done you’ve to simply accept all our terms and conditions. You assure to browse all the mentioned terms and conditions to possess correct interaction whereas operating.


Prices provided to Streaming Guides are on per project basis. the quotations are from our aspect that consumer can receive through email. Quotations can solely be valid for the basic quantity of thirty days. when thirty days the quotation are invalid.

You have to united that for getting internet arising with services we might like thirty third payments before for finance that to your web site . To total project quotation are finalized when discussion with consumer. Another thirty third is required when the event of web site , and thus the last thirty third of the whole project quotation are due till the project got accomplished.

Payments for the services obtained got to get done via bank transfer or check. Checks got to be due to Streaming Guides and conjointly it got to sent to our company.

Client Review:

Client are asked to administer review on the interface of web site at the event part. it’ll build the customer clear that ar we’ve a bent to operating to satisfy his/her desires. All the changes can get done to the service at intervals the ten days of submission.

Turnaround Time:

Streaming Guides can install and publicly post or provide the Client’s web site by the date per the project proposal, or at date united with consumer on the Streaming Guides receiving initial payment, unless a delay is specifically requested by the customer and united by Streaming Guides .

In return, the customer agrees to intrude one individual as a primary contact to help Streaming Guides with progressing the commission in an exceedingly satisfactory and expedient manner.

During the project, Streaming Guides would force the customer to supply web site content; text, images, movies and sound files.


Streaming Guides can sent the invoice to the customer through email. All the payments got to get clear at intervals fifteen days otherwise higher quantity are charged.


We assure the protection of our shoppers. Our main motive is to administer services to the patrons United Nations agency ar in would adore of facilitate. For all of our customers we recommend you ne’er share any of your data like bank data, emails, countersign or the other sensitive data to negative of the agent from company.


we will repay the copyright to knowledge, files and various things given by consumer. the customer are required to induce permission for mistreatment any third party data. any consumer is responsible of giving US permission and rights to use that contents and this could be fully harmless to Streaming Guides .


Before getting services, correct contract can get signed between Streaming Guides and consumer. which can be containing all our terms and conditions in conjunction with shoppers agreement policies. which can even be containing the payment time and methodology. this might build everything crystal clear for each the parties. nobody will get the foot behind when language the contract because it are having extra charges.